Manage your school in more easy way!

A complete solution for school management.

  • User friendly design.
  • Easily Maaintanece.
  • Fully automated.

Our Amazing Features

Check the amazing features of Digital Biddaloy.

Student Management

Entry new student, tracking student individual attendance, promoting a student are now become more handy with Digital Biddaloy. besides these, you can check all students list, take academic action for individual student.

Library Management

We have dgitilaize our library system beyond your imagination by ensuring tracking books, members, subscription, profiles also adding new books that have been borrowed with their respective due dates.

Teacher Management

Teacher management consists with teacher attendance, routine, notices, leave management etc

Employee management

Digital biddaloy ensure managing the employees entry and attendance process.

Fees Management

Manage student fee and all other billing activities.

Attendance Management

Student attendance, teacher attendance, employee attendance are fully automated with finger print. Real time sms notifications in gardians and admin numbers included also.

Student Benefites

How our student will be benefitted?.

  • Complete online Admission process.
  • Individual Student portal with Mobile Application.
  • Get Class Routine, Syllabus, Exam Routine, Notices on their portal.
  • Realtime SMS notification on any kinds of news, notices.
  • Regular class lesson and lecture sheet can be downloaded.
  • Students can upload/post their Homework/assignment on their panel.
  • Bio-matric/fingerprint attendance system.
  • Get co-curricular, extra curricular Notices, certificates.
  • Check out result, growth graph from their panel.
  • Get Academic books made on AR technology.
  • Check Tutorials on their panel made by teachers.

Teacher Benefites

How our teachers will be benefitted?.

  • Individual Teacher Panel.
  • Handy class management system.
  • Track Students performance report.
  • Get Student assessment report.
  • Send SMS notification to students and parents on any kinds of news, notices.
  • Upload Regular class lesson, lecture sheets.
  • Check and remark class assignment/homework on their panel.
  • Bio-matric/fingerprint attendance system.
  • Manage Exam sheets, results.
  • Create and post Tutorial for students.
  • Get Academic books made on AR technology.
  • contact with students, parents on Live chat.

Management Benefites

How our management panel will be benefitted?.

  • Digital Biddalay will increase the productivity of the institute.
  • Decrease time to maintain the track records and increase accuracy in organizing the data.
  • Effective way of communication.
  • Saving the natural resources and stationary cost is saved for Using DIgital Biddalay.
  • Digital Biddalay is web based. that's why users can access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduced workload
  • Increase Student, Teacher In Enrollment beacouse of the smartness of school management
  • Create more financial and managerial Transparecy to all.
  • Check employee, teacher, students activities.
  • Manage whole school at a glance.

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The purpose of 'Digital Biddaloy' is to help educational institutions to be automated and digitalized. It helps school administration to be smart as today's world required.

Digital Biddaloy is developed with the current school managing problems in mind, so you can easily get expected solution you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there will be student panel for all students. From where student will check their attendance data, classes, routine, notices and so on!
SoftifyBD provides outstanding service and support every step of the way. Our services include project management, data conversion, training, and consulting. And of course, our unlimited product support is always just a phone call or email away!
Experts from Softify BD focused on a easy and organized solutions for school management systems in Bangladesh. We work 24/7 to accomplished the vision of Digital Bangladesh.
Softify BD database operates with SQL server. Digital বিদ্যালয় software are completely scalable whether you have 100 or 1000 students.

Customize your workflow.

Manage any process and be ready to address any challenge with total ease.

Easy onboarding, fast adoption.

With Nexus getting your team on board is as simple as sending an email.

Improve subscriber retention.

Analyze customers by region, discounts and more and put a plan in place to improve subscriber retention.

Amazing Features

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Exam management

Examination procedure becomes easiest with Digital Biddaloy by providing hardcopy of admit card to tabulation, progressive card and Individual result as well.

Result Management

To get quick results of an individual result, Class wise result, Entire result calculation, Pass and fail calculations Digital Biddaloy is effective enough.

Student Fees Management

Admission , Monthly, Session, Exam Fees Entry, Fees Customazitaion, Data Correction, Fees Money Reciept everything is getable within a click by Digital Biddaloy Software.

SMS Management

User will get information by direct SMS, Easy online user panel which provide better User experience and this management service is very much economical as well.

Leave Management

With a set up of Leave catergory, leave application, leave approvals and leave details options Digital Biddaloy offer a solid and easy leave management system.

Payroll Management

We have design a unque system what help you to manage/calculate your employees salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay and deduction amount within a second.

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